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About Jim Reiher

We all know that there are two taboo topics we are not meant to talk about - Religion and Politics. But, they are two of Jim’s most passionate interests. He has been a candidate in various elections between 2004 and 2010, and he was a founding member and the first President of the Casey Multi-faith Network in 2007 (and remains an active member to this day). Jim has a Bachelors of Arts (double major in history) and a Diploma of Education, and also a Masters of Theology (with honors). In recent years he has had a number of journal articles (historical, biblical, and the gender debate) accepted and published after peer review.

Quoted saying:


"Never put off helping simply because you can't address every issue and every problem. Never put off helping because you can't help everyone who needs it. If everyone just did something, everything would get done. Do your part without regard for those with idle hands."

 - Jim Reiher

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